This is what we have published so far.

The Institute for Research and European Studies is the publisher of Journal of Liberty and International Affairs as a triannual, international, open-access, and peer-reviewed journal that aims to provide an active international forum for analysis, research, and debate in various fields. The journal welcomes submissions from political sciences, international relations, international law, and related fields.

The Institute for Research and European Studies has published the following books:

-Tom G. Palmer, "Why Liberty: Your Life, Your Choices, Your Future" (translation from original in the Macedonian language) (ISBN 978-608-65840-0-9),
-Aleksandar Georgiev, "Dictionary of Legal Terms" (ISBN 978-608-65840-1-6),
-Aleksandar Georgiev, “Dictionary of Legal Terms (Second Edition)” (ISBN: 978-608-65840-2-3),
-Aleksandar Georgiev, "Collection of Court Decisions: from the Application of the Property Law and other real rights" (ISBN 978-608-65840-1-6).